Thor\'s Hammer Replica by eFX Signed by Stan Lee

Thor's Hammer Replica by eFX Signed by Stan Lee

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Mighty Mjölnir is the legendary hammer of Thor, the Asgardian God of thunder, and this 1:1 scale, fully detailed and movie accurate replica from eFX, does it justice and then some.

Special Note
The hammer we have for sale is an Artist’s Proof, and as such is far rarer than the items in the 1000 edition run. There may be as little as a handful of these in the world. Its numbered plaque reads ’Artist’s Proof’ plus its Certificate of Authenticity has been signed by none other than Stan Lee himself – at Sydney Supanova in 2014; making this the standout Marvel Collectable of the Millennium.

The item remains vacuum sealed and its actual distinctiveness will only be revealed by the final buyer, should that collector choose to display the piece. As a result the price of this remaining Artists Proof variation is higher than the recommended retail price of those that are part of the original 1000 item run.

The standard limited edition run for this item also attest to its rarity, with just 1000 pieces being sold, worldwide. In addition to the Certificate of Authenticity and a numbered plaque, Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, also comes with a display stand that exhibits the hammer at its trademark, dramatic angle.

This Marvel licensed replica is crafted from the original master patterns and moulds made by Studio Art And Technology for the film, The Avengers.

It is constructed of quality, hand finished resin, polystone, leather and metal, with a special “mirror chrome” paint that’s so reflective, you can see your reflection in the hammer’s head.

The real leather strap and inlay combined with the metal grip rings and strap tether complete the authentic look and feel of this amazing replica.

The magical enchantment that enables the hammer to be wielded by the worthy is actually inscribed, in Nordic script on the disc atop the hammer’s head, which is a thoughtful touch as is allows the sides to remain smooth and reflective, just as they are in the film.

This is a once in a lifetime piece of superhero collectable history and, if the hammer deems you worthy, you could be its proud wielder or collectables curator.

Definitely not out of stock as stated below. Get in touch with us, today!

This item is currently out of stock. We hope to have more in very soon.

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Thor\'s Hammer Replica by eFX Signed by Stan Lee
Thor's Hammer Replica by eFX Signed by Stan Lee
Thor's Hammer Replica by eFX Signed by Stan Lee

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