Princess Ariel Pro Makeup DIY Tutorial

Herotropolis presents a short series of Pro DIY Makeup Tutorials to help those of you who know you can do it yourself to realize that goal.

Well-applied makeup is an integral part of a great many Cosplays. This week’s video shows you how to transform yourself into a mermaid! Okay, maybe not the tail part, but the face, absolutely. Disney’s favourite pearl of the sea, Ariel, has never looked so glamorous, and so can you.

Check it out and more importantly, give it a go! If you don’t have the exact materials mentioned, go with the closest match, you can always refine your method, based on this tutorial, as you get closer to your cosplay unveiling.

Thanks to Booduluv for this video. Not only is she a skilled (and a bit zany) DIY makeup magician, she’s also a talented actress, TV host, singer and songwriter. Why ask Booduluv to kick off our series of Video Tutorials on Herotropolis? Because she shows that along with newfound and well-practiced skills, confidence will and should play a huge part in your cosplay fun. So don’t forget to have fun becoming one of your favourite Disney Princesses.

What did you like most about this video and what tips do you have to share that might help cosplayers who are new to this aspect of the craft? Click on this article’s title to see the comments section appear below. Here you can leave any helpful and/or encouraging comments you like, or read and learn from what others have written.

A Beginners' Guide to Cosplay Creation

So you’ve chosen your character, you’ve got the right number of arms or legs, and maybe already have the boots, the tail, the horns or even a few bits a pieces of clothing they wear; now it’s time to really look the part. But where to start.

Well the journey of creating your first cosplay usually begins with an online tutorial or two, perhaps some visits to appropriate forums or blogs and then the excitement takes the reins as you set out to become your hero, villian, sidekick, innocent bystander or even a hardcore henchman. The first step is easy to take, but where it leads, well that’s not always an easy place to go.

Basically you’ll start sourcing the materials you’ve heard, or figured out, that you’ll need to do the job. Why isn’t this always easy? Because while most materials can be sourced from a nearby or online hardware, craft or homewares store, many specialist items seem to want to elude you by, say, only being sold in a country you’ve not heard of prior to the start of your mission. Or the material you have in mind – that perfect stuff that should exist to allow to create that exact effect you want – frustratingly, just doesn’t seem to have been invented yet.

This is when your inventiveness and perseverence will come to the fore to save the day. We’re going to try to help with this. Email us the products you can’t find, here in Australia, and we’ll see what we can do to order them in for you. Just head on over to our ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know what you’re after.

We’ll also source some fine Cosplay DIY tutorials and article writers, to help you do what you love and be whomever you want to be, today. Stay tuned.

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