About Us

Where are we located? What do we do? And why do we do what we do?

Short answers:

Our headquarters are in Brisbane, Australia.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 2041, Keperra, Queensland, 4054.
Email: contact@herotropolis.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Herotropolis

We sell quality pop culture collectables, clothing and costume supplies as well as run competitions and endeavour to bring the magic of pop culture conventions to everyone, through our website experience.

We do what we do because we love pretty-much all things comic book, sci-fi and fantasy and want to give everyone who loves these things too a place to come together and enjoy the melding of worlds and genres.

Slightly longer answers:

Because Herotropolis is an online experience, technically it is potentially… everywhere (Why do I say these things?) But our headquarters are in Brisbane, Australia, where we enjoy pastimes such as buying cosplay suits, which our neighbours seem to enjoy seeing us check the mailbox in, answering questions about topics such as the Hulk’s™ latest colour scheme and taking care of customer orders with professionalism and care (sometimes in cosplay, but not guaranteed).

The founders of Herotropolis are a team, a league, some might even call us a staff, of pop-culture devotees, who decided, one day – well for me it was one day when I was about seven – that it would be really awesome if the worlds that existed in comic books, sci-fi and fantasy movies and other fictional universes, could collide with each other and our world, every day in new and interesting ways. Well actually I was thinking I wanted to see Superman™ and Darth Vader™ duke it out in the Tardis™, but I was regarded as a pretty ‘out there’ kid. See? Check out those sandals. Perfect crimefighting footwear right?

So, fast-forward more years than are worth counting, and some friends and I started going to pop-culture conventions. Well, it soon became clear that I hadn’t been that ‘out there’ after all (or at least that I certainly wasn’t alone ‘out there’) because what we had found, were massive communities within an even broader community. A community I like to call, “The Cool People.” Here’s a couple of us now. I’m the one on the right, all grown up, well, mostly.

Then the thoughts came: This is awesome. Wouldn’t it be great to bring all these groups of friendly and mildly obsessed people together more often? Then I got a little grandiose and started saying things like, “Why, we could break down the walls between all of these worlds and let fans of Anime and fans of Western Superheroes put aside their centuries-long, ink-stained feuds and help Ghostbusters cosplayers and Steampunk Ghostbusters cosplayers run together, in rows of four, down busy streets.” Sooner or later though, I’d finish my musings with something more meaningful, like, “…and, basically we could give everyone a chance to get into the things that other awesome people seem to really, really like.” No one objected, so we set to work.

And this is the culmination of that ideal. We stepped up and created Herotropolis: a place that sells quality, licensed collectables, runs worthwhile (and occasionally zany) competitions, rampantly encourages DIY cosplay and allows people to interact on our community forums, so that all worlds can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our team includes a publisher, educator and business owner with over ten years experience, web design, consultants who seem able to fix anything I may have done to the webpage when they were out, and a dedicated team of service specialists. We tend to have lots of fun but we make sure the enjoyment of our customers comes first.

Then there’s our team of forum moderators. You’ll soon know them. They’re fun, they’re nice, they’re unpaid, and love it still.

For anything else you’d like to know, feel free to drop us a line or two, via our “contact us” page. We’d love to meet you. Oh and here comes the graphic… I can just sense it…

Yep. There it is.

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