Cosplay is fun; pure and simple.

We love Cosplay. We do it. We make it. We appreciate how well others do it, and we want to help you make your creations even better. We plan to be a place you can come to for tutorials, photo galleries, videos of our brave ‘Wear Cosplay Anywhere’ dare participants, and other fun and useful Cosplay-related things. Check out some of our cosplay galleries here.

Would you like to help Herotropolis build it’s distinctly Aussie Cosplay community, from the ground up? If so, we’d love to see you over at our Community Forums, where we can all get to know each other and share experiences, tips, tricks and photos of your amazing creations.

Because we love Cosplay and know you do too. Just click the ‘Community’ link to the right to come join in.

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Thanks to AltTeeVee for their fantastic cosplay compilation from Supanova Gold Coast 2013:

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