Shipping Information

Shipping over the Christmas and New Years Period

Please be aware that from the 25th of December till the 10th of January shipping times may be longer, due to a variety of factors ranging from processing a huge amount of post Christmas orders to staff leave requirements. We appreciate your understanding during this busy period, prior to normal guarantees resuming.

How and when we ship to you:

First of all, we care about how you receive your purchases, so we ensure that all of your products are treated like… oh, let’s say, a small puppy, as we lovingly place them into a cozy box before taping it shu- uh… no. That doesn’t sound quite as nice as I’d hoped. What I mean is, we take extreme care when packaging your purchases. Sorry about the puppy in a box image. There, I’ve mentally let it out again and it is happy.

Back to business. When packing your order for delivery we take extra precautions to best try to offset any possible bumps and jostles that may occur while in transit (hopefully not much of this goes on but we find it’s best to take precautions) Please don’t be thinking about the puppy being jostled in a box, okay? He’s definitely out now (see above).

All freight costs are presented to you at checkout before final order confirmation so that you know exactly what the postage is going to be. We currently use Australia Post for most of our freight needs and couriers are used for some orders. We will continue to streamlining our shipping options to continually attempt to enhance value and choices for our national customers. International shipping to selected countries is no problem and rates are calculated during the check out process.

Shipping amounts for orders within Australia are calculated based on destination postcode and order package size and weight; and Australia post sometimes requires shipping costs to be calculated using a volumetric (or cubic) size, particularly for packages of light but bulky. As part of our checkout process there is a freight calculator you can use to see your shipping cost for your ordered items.

All ‘in-stock’ items are targeted for shipment within 72 hours of payment received, but are usually sent much earlier than this, unless we need to contact you prior to shipment of your order. In the rare event that we need to contact you regarding orders, it would facilitate matters greatly if you have ensured that your contact details are entirely accurate upon placing your order. Otherwise it could be a bit ruff to contact you. Oh no. The puppy’s back (along with a really bad pun).

Delivery times depend on the shipping address and methods utilized. If you have an urgent desire to receive the product by a certain date, contact us and let us try our best to facilitate your requests. We will be up-front and realistic in all dealings and try very hard to make things work out for you.

Woof. (Sorry, but I missed the little guy.)

Oh, wait, here his is. Click on his treats, ‘cause he’d much rather be fed from a box than be in one, I reckon.

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