The Personal Buyers Service

Ever wondered why you have to pay so many hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for the high end collectables your collection and you demand? Well sometimes it’s because they are worth every penny, and then other times… it’s because they don’t have to cost that much at all. That’s where Herotropolis and our Personal Buyers Service comes in.

If you want to save potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year – and no, this is not exaggeration – you can apply for your own personal Buyer, whose entire purpose here is to find that pre-order or in-stock item you just have to have, for LESS, than all legitimate competitors. If you are a curator of your own private collection of high quality collectables or are well on your way to being so, and you want your purchasing power to start working for you, then you may want to read our FAQ below and then send us an email on the address provided:

Frequently asked questions about the Herotropolis Personal Buyers Service:

What is the Personal Buyers Service?

The Personal Buyers Service matches high end collectors with the collectables they seek at prices that beat all legitimate domestic competitors. Clients liaise with a dedicated Personal Buyer at Herotropolis (most often via email), who sources and supplies available items that their Client seeks, directly. This saves Clients the mark-ups often applied when items are sold through generic retail stores, designed more for the general public than for high end collectors. We have our retail store at but the high end market deserves even better than paying extra for things like shopping cart service fees and the like. So this is a service specifically tailored for serious collectors.

Who qualifies for the Personal Buyers Service?

The Personal Buyers Service is available for all serious collectors of high end pop culture collectables who can establish credible purchasing status with us. We determine ‘high end’ collectables as those items typically valued between $250 – $13,000. Registrations for this service are currently open and obligation free. We currently require only that Clients establish their purchaser credibility by paying all invoices issued in full, by the due date provided on each invoice issued. After client payment credibility is firmly established more flexible payment terms and often better prices may be passed on. Clients using our Personal Buyers Service must also agree to receive occasional emails from their Personal Buyer regarding items they may be interested in (these are personalised, infrequent and quite separate from any newsletter subscription). This is not spam, it is your buyer letting you know if something they believe you might have an interest in, has become available or may be quite rare.

What kind of items can be purchased through this service?

Our primary Client base of high end collectors generally request items made by the following manufacturers/studios:
Hot Toys;
Sideshow Collectibles;
EFX Collectibles;
NECA; and,
Gentle Giant/The 3D Studio

Additionally, you may search one of Australia’s largest domestic supplier’s public site at any time, as we are able to source all items available (be they pre-order or in-stock items) that appear on this site. It is a handy resource to see which products have been released for pre-order sale in Australia, at any given time. We can give fast quotes on stock that is available for purchase on this site (please include a link to the page containing the product/s you are enquiring about).

Please note that although we specialise in supplying items from the above manufacturers, we have access to many others, through our well-established domestic and international supply chains. This means that if an item produced by another manufacturer appears (or is soon to appear) on the market, then it’s certainly worth contacting your Personal Buyer to seek availability details and/or a quote. We are also, continuously adding suppliers to our list, so let us know if you find something from someone that isn’t made by anyone you search for on the links above.

What are the best ways to utilise this service?

One of the most popular and effective ways that our Clients utilise our Personal Buyers Service is as follows:

1.Clients come across something they want, or visit the manufacturer/supplier sites to actively look for items they’d like to add to their collection;
2.They email their Personal Buyer at Herotropolis with a hyperlink to the page on which they found the item and enquire as to an item’s availability and/or request a quote (note: quotes are subject to duration limits);
3.If they are pleased with the quote they let their Buyer know via email, and invoice is sent and payment is made.

Another mode of use occurs in this way: Occasionally, your Personal Buyer might contact you with an item they’ve come across that they believe you might need or want. They may email you an image and description of such an item and also sometimes provide a quick quote. Once such an email is received the Client basically either says, ‘No thanks,” or, “Yes please,” and the invoicing and payment process goes ahead.

How do I Pay for My Purchased Items?

When emailed confirmation has been received stating that a Client is happy with their quote and wishes to go ahead with their discounted purchase, we issue an invoice containing direct deposit payment details. When the payment amount is confirmed in our account we can then process the pre-order or in-stock order, and ship the item as soon as it is available to be shipped. While all initial orders must be paid for, in full, and at the time of ordering, irrespective of whether they are pre-orders, backorders or in-stock orders, after a time, it is quite common that deposits and payment plans are instituted between Clients and their Personal Buyers, once a pattern of dependable purchasing has been firmly established.

Invoice due dates are calculated to allow buyers not to miss out on orders while also allowing a reasonable amount of time to make payment. Typical payment periods range between 1 week and 4 weeks, initially. Any negotiation with your personal buyer regarding payment terms must occur prior to the relevant invoice being generated.

How are PBS items shipped?

For Clients who reside in the Greater Brisbane Area, Clients generally have following three options available to them:
1.Items may be personally delivered by Herotropolis staff by arrangement;
2.Items may be shipped through Australia Post (please be aware that signatures will be required upon receipt of goods and insurance costs will apply to all parcels sent via Australia Post and these costs will be payable by the Client).

For Clients living outside of the Greater Brisbane Area (both interstate and international) standard or express shipping and insurance costs will apply to purchases made through this service, at this stage, but shipping costs may reduce in the future.

How do we deal with your private information?

We do NOT give out any private information to any other parties, bar postal services and insurance services, should this be required by Clients themselves. We are Herotropolis and have been a presence in the Australian pop culture retail landscape since 2013, with an outstanding buyer generated reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction.

Why does this service allow for less expensive purchases?

Apart from our direct Client-to-Buyer model, which cuts out a great many general retail overhead costs, this service actually allows purchases to become less and less expensive as more and more high end collectors find out about, and start using, our service. This simply creates an increase in buying power with our suppliers, thus allowing us to purchase goods for less and then to pass those savings on to our growing Client base. So, unlike many discounted sales models that encourage customers to keep their savings a secret, our Personal Buyers Service clients can actually save more money by referring the service to their collector friends.

Additionally, having owned for several years it became clear that the mark-ups on high end collectables were forcing true collectors to miss out on many items essential to their collections; and, as a collector myself, I thought I’d do something about it. Instead of trying to mark-up to match the more ‘dominant’ industry retailers, I developed a specialised service that saves on overheads by offering the same collectables to true collectors at far more affordable prices. One of our Clients saved $1,000 on a single purchase, while others have saved hundreds in only a few purchases. Our direct deposit system saves clients on PayPal and Checkout Software and management fees (which are still in use on our main retail website, as is basically required by such a sales model), so that clients can spend the money they save either on their next favourite collectable or on something else that matters to them, in their lives.

For any questions, please email Jon at anytime and I’ll be very happy to assist you further.

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